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Advanced analytics have
never been easier.

Stratyfy is transforming how financial institutions make decisions, unlocking data-driven growth without added risks or the need for in-house data experts.


Reaching more customers in your community is the goal. Stratyfy provides intuitive, no-code solutions to develop strategies to do so.

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Expand access to fairly priced credit, acquire new customers, and strengthen existing relationships with strategies built specifically for your business needs.

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Effortlessly innovate by partnering with Stratyfy to enhance fraud detection, bias mitigation and/or credit decisioning.

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Stratyfy Partners with Prism Data to Harness Cash Flow Data

By combining Stratyfy’s proprietary AI/ML technology with Prism Data’s CashScore®, we are helping lenders accurately and transparently identify credit-worthy customers who may have been overlooked otherwise.

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