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without increasing your risk, using data-enabled strategies.
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Strategically grow your lending portfolio with intuitive AI

Automate decisions you trust.

Improve customers’ experiences with faster decisions.

Launch custom products quicker.

Test and deploy products sooner with simulated strategies.

Risk that makes sense.

Reduce losses and manage risk with greater insight into risk drivers.

Meet regulatory requirements.

Easily answer why and how your decisions are being made with human-interpretable AI.

Stay ahead of market shifts.

Effortlessly adjust strategies by imparting SME context to quickly adapt to market changes.

Grow while driving inclusivity.

Expand your credit box with strategies that make credit accessible to more people.

Increase your addressable market by 70%

Using a sample from the Consumer Attribute Library in Equifax Ignite® Data-as-a-Service cloud-to-cloud sharing solution, Stratyfy developed predictive models and strategies to show how its Probabilistic Rules Engine (PRE) compares to traditional decisioning methods.

The results? Nearly double the number of customers were pre-qualified using Stratyfy’s proprietary technology. Download our latest white paper to see how PRE compares to traditional decisioning methods.

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