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Stratyfy and Innovesta Technologies announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize risk prediction

SMB risk assessment for lending and supply chain management

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Stratyfy and Innovesta Technologies announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize risk prediction

At a time when accurately predicting the future is more difficult than ever, Stratyfy and Innovesta Technologies are teaming to offer a truly transparent machine learning solution that will dramatically improve the way enterprises assess the risk and opportunity of non-public companies.

Stratyfy’s award-winning decision engine integrates human expertise with advanced machine learning to deliver transparent, precise, auditable, and reliable predictions. Innovesta’s unique and comprehensive data assets provide real-time updates on how external forces are impacting a business. The combination of Stratyfy’s platform and Innovesta’s data will allow risk managers to make fully informed decisions by providing them with transparent, dynamic, and useful assessments of SMBs.

The two women-led FinTech startups, both with Israeli-based R&D teams, hold transparency as a common core value. This partnership combines the forces of each company’s unique technology, delivering greater value to users across different crisis risk management challenges.

In particular, the Stratyfy-Innovesta partnership is focused on two immediate needs: SMB risk assessment for lending and supply chain management. To help lenders make informed small business lending decisions, we combine Innovesta’s real-time data and indicators, including COVID-19 Resilience Innodex™ (CRI) with Stratyfy’s flexible Crisis Response Models and Decision Management Platform. Additionally, the combined solution allows supply chain managers to receive early warnings and immediate alerts to appropriately track labor availability, geographical dependencies, financial health, and other factors impacting suppliers, distributors, agents, resellers, and other third party service providers.

“Models built from historical data offer little help during an unprecedented health and economic crisis like the current global pandemic,” stated Laura Kornhauser, Stratyfy’s Co-founder and CEO. “Achieving an inclusive global financial recovery requires robust risk management strategies, and those strategies necessitate an understanding of the unique challenges being faced by every business. Stratyfy’s decision management solutions will leverage Innovesta’s trustworthy data to directly address this need.”

“This is a global crisis with local impacts,” stated Yali Harari, Innovesta’s Founder. “Developing successful solutions requires not only precise information, but also a decision-engine that can be both tailored to each customer’s unique needs and improved by each customer’s unique expertise. The quality of Startyfy’s platform and the team made this combination an obvious decision. Our partnership will allow each of our customers to work not only faster, but smarter as well.”

About Stratyfy
Stratyfy, Inc. offers a truly transparent AI-powered Decisioning Platform that bridges the gap between expert systems and advanced machine learning. The proprietary modeling approach at the heart of Stratyfy’s Platform allows users to combine data and domain expertise to optimize risk based decision-making across the organization. This flexible approach delivers accurate, understandable and scalable prediction and decision recommendations in real-time.

About Innovesta
Innovesta Technologies Ltd. is a women led FinTech startup enabling supply chain managers, investors and financial professionals to make better and smarter business decisions.
Innovesta’s flagship product, Innodex™, leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically reveal the DNA of private companies and assets. The Innodex provides dynamically updated objective, organized & highly relevant data, that is fully customizable to the different business needs, agenda and priorities.