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Humans-in-the-Loop Series: Q+A with Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist Dmitry Lesnik

What is your day-to-day like at Stratyfy?

All days are different. Running a startup means changing hats a few times a day. I’m a scientist, an engineer, a manager, a company co-founder, and more. Some days are crazy, because we cover time zones separated by 6 hours – my day starts in Europe (I’m based in Germany) and ends in America. But I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t fun!

When you’re not working at Stratyfy, what do you enjoy doing?

On those rare moments when I’m not working at Stratyfy (ha ha), I’m trying to be a good father, as well as dedicate some time to my hobbies. I go in for sports (badminton is my go-to), play piano, read books in popular science, and nerd out on AI research. The last book I read was Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

So, why Stratyfy?

For many years, I worked on AI algorithms for fun – and always enjoyed it more than whatever I had to do for a living. Stratyfy has become that very special place for me, where as co-founder I can finally align my passion for technology and algorithms with my profession. And of course, it’s a joy to see your ideas being embodied into products that actually help people and make this world a little better.

What is one cool thing you’ve learned at Stratyfy?

So many things! One of the most powerful (and unexpected) learnings I’ve gained is just how much can be achieved by a team when goals are aligned. The synergy of ideas, the right spirit, and dedication can move mountains. And it’s the skill of a good business leader to foster the resonance and ride this wave.

What do you envision for the future of this industry?

The world is moving inevitably towards the democratization of AI technologies. Algorithms are making their way into all spheres of our daily life – healthcare, banking, shopping, you name it. New services arise which never existed before, like autonomous cars and digital assistants. With this rising tide of AI, more and more acute becomes the question of algorithms’ accountability, algorithmic fairness, and allowing human supervision of algorithms. I’m glad that Stratyfy, with our set of unique technologies, is making a significant contribution to the development of auditable algorithms and is shaping the future standards of ethical AI.